QOZB Capital is building a toolkit for the QOF / QOZB industry. Our products can help to deliver capital protection, planning, and modern technical infrastructure to developers and fund managers. Join us in moving the opportunity zone industry forward towards maturity. 

Management Team

Tim Howard - QOZB Capital

Tim Howard


Tim began working in Austin as a corporate finance and communications consultant to OTC and NASDAQ listed companies. In 2018, he became the Marketing Director at commercial real estate brokerage, Asterra Properties with a focus on new construction residential.

As a partner at QOZB Capital, Tim directs the placement of proceeds from the sale of our notes into income producing blockchain assets. 

Griffen Goss - QOZB Capital

Griffen Goss


A soon-to-be graduate from the University of Texas in Economics and Philosophy, Griffen Goss has worked in commercial real estate, politics, and esports. Academically he specified in Macroeconomics/Monopolies and Identity Metaphysics. With 6 years of academic and applied research, Griffen brings a diverse background of experiences to the team and investors.

Brandon Lee - QOZB Capital

Brandon Lee

Design & Marketing

Brandon is a graphic designer with extensive experience in branding and identity design. He has worked in Austin since 2018 and specializes in creating unique graphics for brand growth, as well as visual media. With a commitment to clients and an extensive skill set, Brandon always strives to exceed expectations. 

Strategic Advisors

Ashley Tison - QOZB Capital

Ashley Tison


Ashley Tison is an experienced entrepreneur responsible for the founding and growth of numerous enterprises across a wide array of industries. His strengths include strategic planning and investment analysis. He has developed a keen ability to foresee future opportunities, trends and technologies and to locate and employ outstanding execution personnel.

Critical experience includes his time spent with Viking Mergers & Acquisitions in Charlotte, NC. Mr. Tison brought 18 years of M&A experience from the legal world to bear for Viking clients going through the sales process or in need of succession planning or assistance with preparing for sale.

Jimmy Atkinson - QOZB Capital

Jimmy Atkinson


Jimmy is founder of OpportunityDb.com and host of the the Opportunity Zones Podcast, two of the leading online resources for Opportunity Zone education for investors, developers, and tax professionals. His background is in economics and Web marketing.