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Opportunity Zones within ESG Portfolios

ESG Investments have been expanding massively since the Covid Pandemic. Opportunity Zones have become one of the most unique options for ESG.

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The Nonqualified Financial Property Limitation

In this article on qualified opportunity funds (QOFs), we discuss the non-qualified financial property limitation (NQFP limitation) that applies to qualified opportunity zone businesses (QOZBs).

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The Case For Opportunity Zones Is Stronger Than Ever

The opportunity clock is ticking. As a critical deadline in the qualified opportunity zone program approaches on December 31, 2021, investors are finding the potential tax benefits of the program increasingly attractive.

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How a Tech Mogul Pushed Through a Tax Break

Sean Parker lobbied to create Opportunity Zones to encourage development in low-income areas, but so far the main beneficiaries are investors wanting lower taxes.

most invested opportunity zones
Opportunity Zones
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The 11 Most-Invested Opportunity Zones in 2020

Eleven neighborhoods in seven states present the greatest ROI potential for residential developers interested in the federal reinvestment tax breaks offered by the growing OZ Program.

qozb most profitable part of ozs
Opportunity Zones
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Are QOZBs the most lucrative part of opportunity zones?

Most investors have focused on the real estate investment side of the OZ program, but many are missing out on a part of the program that could generate far greater returns…

2021 opportunity zone outlook
Opportunity Zones
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Opportunity Zone Outlook for 2021

Over the past 3yrs, QOFs have raised $75 billion, which have poured into designated low-income communities and certain adjacent census tracts across the country. What will they do in 2021?


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