Launch, zero coupon note

Zero Coupon Notes

Our first zero coupon note, known as Launch, can be redeemed by holders for a fixed return after 150 or 180 days. This plan is ideal for startups entering the OZ space or first-time fund managers looking to deploy investor capital. Earn yield on your working capital today.

Working Capital Plan

Cash / Equivalents

6 Month Min

Maximum Flexibility

How It Works

QOZB Capital uses proceeds from the sale of our notes as collateral in blockchain lending protocols that focus on the use of stablecoins to generate sustainable yield.

Working Capital App

Development Plan

Plan out your OZ developments from start to finish with our custom designed working capital app. Input key events to ensure the project stays on your timeline.

Working Capital Management

Keep track and put your capital to work with ease by managing your working capital and fixed rate bonds.

Zero Coupon Notes

Identify opportunities to earn yield on working capital before deployment into OZ business property.

Working capital app

How It Works

Our working capital planning app is provided free to all qualified opportunity zone funds (QOF) and businesses (QOZB). The app allows fund managers to track capital infusions, acquisitions, construction dates and more.